Within my current practice, I am interested in storytelling through words in relation to my visual art. This allows the forms to be read together where writing becomes the drawing, and vice versa. This writing is in relationship to my prints, video art, and observational drawings.


I like to appropriate from history’s past and transform subjects to recontextualize history and space. I traverse among many mediums, and am beginning to study painting as a product of my printmaking. I find myself as a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer. 

My focuses include bookmaking, drawing, illustration, layout design, photography, printmaking, video art, and writing.


Research informs my work and I find fiction literature, as well as poetry, both my own and other Americana artists, making the concept of the work as a starting point. In other words, text is meant to be seen and images are meant to be read. I would like to tear apart the beliefs of the starving, mad artist, and begin to decipher what being an artist means for me as an American man. 

The work is concentrated on masculinity, history, humor, American kitsch, human sensuality, and drawing space. I would like to pose questions about what art and design can and cannot transform regarding appropriation, hidden beauty, the uncomfortable, mental health, observations and hypermasculinity. The work is an arrangement of signs, senses and the audience an interpreter or learner of each. 

All images copyright Logan Ray Bishop 2018-2021